Aliens among us?

Aliens among us?

By Rhoda Klein miller

When did you first wonder if aliens were real? Did you watch Mork & Mindy, ALF or 3rd Rock from the Sun on TV? Or was it odd blurry photos of a bizarre beings and space crafts on the cover of tabloid papers that sparked your curiosity? The very first movie I ever saw in a theatre was E.T. and a couple years later our family visited Universal Studios where my sister reenacted its flying bicycle scene. I was quite confident to dismiss aliens as hoaxes or products of movie magic. But then I picked up my Bible and noticed God paid frequent visits to this special planet from His heavenly home, to take garden strolls with His children (Gen 3:8), to secure them in a lifeboat (Gen 7:16) and to carry out a building inspection (Gen 11:5). To combat evil “fallen angels” who occupy Earth, the Son of God came, not in a spacecraft but in the vessel of a womb, to complete a mission of resistance and rescue, revealing supernatural power. So do aliens live among us? Yes, and some have evil intentions but thankfully there are also guardian angels here on assignment from heaven to assist those who choose salvation (Heb 1:14)

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