ADRA is there

ADRA is there

For a week we have been glued to our news sources, following the unfolding crisis catalyzed by the war in Ukraine. One million refugees – most of whom are women and children – are streaming over neighbouring borders. Millions more remain in Ukraine, caught in a deadly conflict. All are facing unimaginable trauma and loss.

Warm shelter, food, water, warm clothes and blankets, hygiene and sanitary supplies, infant supplies, and protection continue to be among the most pressing needs.

Help for the people is already underway. The ADRA Ukraine team, even as they live through the crisis themselves, continues to provide humanitarian aid along with partners and support from outside the country. They are working with the local Adventist church to provide accommodations, food, water, and hygiene supplies to internally displaced people within Ukraine.

ADRA emergency response teams have been deployed to neighbouring countries to assist in scaling up assistance to refugees. These teams provide additional capacity and expertise to the local ADRA offices.

ADRA Poland continues to provide ADRA SOS kits to refugees at the border. These kits include hygiene and sanitary products, as well as sustaining snacks. ADRA Poland is also providing trauma counselling through a unique online platform. ADRA Poland and the church are also coordinating to provide shelter to refugees.

ADRA Romania has a permanent stand staffed with volunteers at five border crossings. Through these stands, ADRA Romania is providing ADRA SOS kits to refugees at the border. In addition, it has partnered with the Adventist church in Romania to provide accommodation to 3,000 refugees in church facilities and church member homes. ADRA Romania is also providing food, hygiene items, and clothes both for short-term refugees before they make their way to their final destination and long-term refugees who have nowhere else to go. ADRA Romania has sent at least two humanitarian convoys into Ukraine laden with much-needed items such as blankets, warm clothes, mattresses, and more.

ADRA Hungary has also partnered with the Adventist church in Hungary to provide shelter and food to 100-200 refugees, along with transportation from the border to shelters. It is also managing the collection of in-kind donations in a warehouse for delivery to western Ukraine.

ADRA Slovakia has set up a reception tent at the border with Ukraine. Refugees receive assistance with registration, refreshments, a children’s program, and safe transport to cities. ADRA Slovakia is using its mobile units as a medical bus and is coordinating support for medical assistance. An ADRA Slovakia bus is also serving as an ambulance. Your emergency donation to ADRA will provide urgent relief for those in humanitarian crisis right now, as well as provide support long into the future. Help communities in crisis with your generous contribution!